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This is a continuation of the previous episode where we talked about up-leveling your success. In this episode, we continue to lay out all the shifts you’ll have to make in your business and in your mind so that you can break into the next level of success in your business without sacrificing the rest of your life to do it. After all, you work to live, not live to work! Check this episode out to find out how to make growing in your business feel easy and amazing.

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How To Get To The Next Level Of Success In Your Biz (Part 2)

In this episode, we’re going to be diving deeper around what it takes and how to grow and scale your business to the next level and to get to that next level of success. Touching on both that beautiful, strategic and more cerebral components. More importantly, also addressing the internal aspects of what needs to happen for you to be able to implement all of it more effectively, more efficiently and to have more spaciousness and ease as you scale the business. As we’re diving in here, I’m going to pick up where we left off. Part of that was starting to address this piece of you being more effective and more efficient in your business. A big part of that, if you are that person where you’re making a good amount of money but you also don’t have a life right now. We want to address this piece around scaling from a place of having a team.

This is a big fear for a lot of the entrepreneurs that I work with for many reasons. I’m sure, Dan, you’ll go in on this as well. Some of the big ones that come up is looking at who am I going to hire and how can I trust somebody to be able to show up and support me inside of the business? The fear of, “Is this person going to be able to do it as well as I can?” Those are two of the biggest ones. The other one that comes up is thinking about the aspect of, “If I hire this person, can I continue to maintain and pay them?” Because we all know entrepreneurship, there’s never a guarantee in it. There are always highs and lows. It’s working through that emotional roller coaster. More importantly, the biggest one that I see, especially when we start talking about team supporting you in client delivery, is this ego-bearing aspect of you not being the only person that’s doing it on your own anymore and having people support you inside of the business.

This is where things start to get a little ticklish to say the least. It’s more about you growing and you not being the sole person delivering the results to your clients, but recognizing that there are other people who are supporting you inside of that. Oftentimes, the fear that comes up for people is what if I bring on somebody to support me and they take all my content and they run with it? What if I bring this person on and they’re not nearly as good as I am? How do I find somebody that can deliver incredible results and that I can afford to have them in my business? There’s always that trade-off. Dan, go ahead and dive in here with a lot of these internal shifts that do come up when we’re starting to talk about growing and scaling and team.

I love this stuff because I love searching for breaking points. It’s a hobby of mine and it’s what I do with my own life and with my clients. This one is a major pain point because we could deal with our own shit. We can look over it, we can look past it, we can drag ourselves through it. When we have to deal with someone else, all of a sudden everything comes bubbling up to the surface and you can’t ignore that shit anymore. You have to deal with it because you have someone else who’s relying on you to deal with it. There are a bunch of different concerns that you brought up, Sophie. I’m not going to claim to remember every single one of them, but I’m going to run through some of them because they’re all good. Here are a couple of different ones. What happens if someone steals all of your material and runs with it to start their own company? I know you think that’s bad, but it’s good. One, because they’re not going to be your competition in any way because they’re totally different.

Let’s face it, unless you were in the extreme minority on the planet, the services that you offer are not unique. In fact, chances are there’s someone else who is doing exactly what you do and is way better than you but you still have clients, don’t you? You still have people coming into your business. If your services are not a unique and beautiful snowflake, then why would they come? It’s because they’re coming to you. They want you. They want your energy, perspective, opinions, and support. If someone else takes your material and run, fine, who cares? It doesn’t matter at all because there are going to have people going to them who won’t go to you. That’s no problem at all. If you feel like it’s an issue, that’s inner work, that’s just a belief, that’s you not seeing the value that you bring. You got to do some work on you being able to see how valuable you are. Chances are if you’re reading this, you don’t believe you’re as valuable as you are.

MMM 73 | Next Level Of Success

Next Level Of Success: Instead of trying to find people who are already good at the material, find people who have their internals in place and work hard on themselves internally and externally.


It’s good to say that out there. We all struggle with that. The value that we bring uplevels before we’re aware of it. I do believe that. Most of us are in a constant state of catching up with the value that we offer. Chances are it’s just an adjustment. It’s you seeing, “I am freaking awesome.” The materials are good too but me. That’s why people come to me. It might sound silly to say it but it’s a big difference. That’s one side. Another thing, if you bring someone in there, are they going to be as good as you with the material? Probably not. At least not in the beginning. However, they may have their own gifts, talents and skills that you don’t. They have experiences that you haven’t had. They’ll bring a different energy to it and a different color that might be beautifully complementary to yours. Who knows, when you teach them the material, they may get better than you. Actually, between you and me, that’s what you want.

I want the people I trained to be better than me because then I don’t have to do everything. It’s awesome to have a team who could kick ass. You just give them things and they knock it out of the park. Maybe you don’t have to give them things anymore. They know what’s going on and they handle shit for you. By the time it reaches your desk or your email, it’s already handled. You want that. That’s so good. That’s real support. In order to get there, my recommendation is instead of trying to find people who are already good at the material, find people who have the internals in place. Find people who might not be as knowledgeable with the material, but they’re go-getters. They love themselves. They’re interested in self-development. They work hard on themselves internally and externally. They crave that development so that when you give them materials, they will run with it and they will learn. It’s much harder to do the other way where let’s say you’re a marketing coach and you hire a marketing genius who also happens to be a freaking misogynist, good work with that.

You’re going to hate working with this person and then you have to change them like, “No, forget that.” That’s not the business right there. Find someone who’s got the internals in place because teaching them the strategies is going to be easy for you. You will be able to mold your perfect support system. I think that’s valuable instead of trying to find a support system that’s already put in place for you. You can do that. Chances are that’s going to be a lot harder to find and a lot more expensive, which puts the burden on you even more. Then there is that question, how will I be able to continuously support this person who I’m hiring? Give them things to do. That right there is an extension of a belief of how am I going to continue supporting myself? It is the same theme and with that comes confidence work, comes inner value work, comes work on your systems to make sure that what you are doing is generating business.

Your systems are important still and also make sure that you’re coming from a place of real abundance. That you see that there are plenty of clients out there for you. There is plenty of money to be had. There are plenty of opportunities. There are plenty of possibilities for you. Switching into that abundance mentality will help you see that having this person in your business is not just going to be a drain. It’s not like you’re having a child where now you need to support this creature for eighteen years and then more before they start making some money to help contribute. You’re not doing that in your business. At least you shouldn’t be. You’re hiring someone who will help you, who’ll immediately add value, immediately free up your time, immediately help you and give you that support so that you’ll be able to generate even more business.

Flipping into this abundance side of saying, “The more support I have, the more money I make. The more I’ll be able to help them out, the more I’ll be able to pay them. The more I train them, the more I pay them. The more love I give them, then the greater synergistic result it will be.” When you get the right support, it’s not just one plus one is two. It’s one plus one is five. Then when you have an even greater team, it grows exponentially with that, but it does take you looking in and seeing that you do live in an abundant world. You are abundant. There is an abundance of clients and money and there is no competition for you. You have to get to that place so that you can see that hiring a team is the best thing for your growth.

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I hear and I see you right now loving the excitement and the fulfillment and just like, “I love the amount of importance that I feel knowing that I can create this result for people.” You also want to have a life that’s out of your business. What is the point of having a business if you are always working in the business and you don’t have a life to enjoy outside of it? I speak to this because I’ve freaking lived it and Dan, I know you have too. It is a roller coaster and I can reflect back on times in my own entrepreneurial journey in the last few years. There was a solid year of my life where I had probably 40 one-on-one clients. This is a lot of clients to have. I was making good money. I was probably doing $60,000, $70,000, maybe $80,000 a year at that point.

I was waking up at 3:00 in the morning to do a coaching call because the client happens to be in the UK and all my other times were full. My day was literally being built around my clients. I had no life and I was so burnt out that I would just want to sleep when I was done. I had no time to put into my relationship or into my health or any of those other things. All these other areas of my life started to completely dwindle because I was so heavily focused on showing up and being the person delivering the results to my clients. I was the one that wanted to feel special and significant and all of the things and having that connection from being the person delivering everything. Until I developed some major adrenal fatigue and it rocked my socks in a lot of ways. Not only that, there were multiple things that happened to me.

This is why I want to share this with you because I don’t want this to be the catalyst for you to recognize that you don’t need to be the one doing everything inside of your business. I ended up having to end the relationship that I was in because it was at a point where we weren’t connecting because I wasn’t putting the energy into it. I also wasn’t putting the energy into me and I didn’t know who I was outside of the business. I completely lost track of all of my hobbies and all of the things that I enjoyed. All that I knew at that point was growing and scaling the business. I became disinterested in myself and it was easy for my partner to become disinterested in me and also for me to become disconnected from them.

We ended that relationship. On top of that, I developed massive adrenal fatigue because of how many hours I was working and how much stress it was putting on myself. I’m trying to manage all of it on my own which wasn’t sustainable and also for the number of people that were coming in. It took all of that for me to realize, “Maybe I shouldn’t be doing this all on my own. Maybe I do need help.” What a concept and what’s been amazing is in that year I closed $60,000, $70,000 and $80,000. The following year when I started to step in and having people to support me and being part of a team and not being the only one doing everything. It was amazing, just the healing that took place inside of that.

I got to know myself because I started to have spaciousness because I wasn’t the person doing everything in the business anymore. I was able to focus on my zone of genius. Therefore, I was constantly having my cup filled up. There were certain components of the business that I still had to manage, but the load was so much lighter and so I had so much more time for self-care. My cup was always full and my clients were a lot happier and I doubled my revenue that year. Now that the team is scaling and I’m working more so on just my own project at this point, we’re on track to double again, if not even triple, which is fantastic.

MMM 73 | Next Level Of Success

Next Level Of Success: Make sure that you’re honoring what it is that you really love and enjoy and that you have a life outside of the business.


None of this would have been possible and it’s definitely not going to be possible unless I hire a team. I’m only one person and I can only work with so many people and still have my sanity. I’ve arrived at a place in my entrepreneurial journey. I hope you are too, where you recognize that your life, your happiness, your fulfillment is not worth sacrificing for hitting a certain dollar amount. You want to make sure that you’re honoring what it is that you love, that you enjoy and that you have a life outside of the business. You build the business around your lifestyle so you can enjoy the process instead of burning yourself out trying to get to this money mark that you think is going to make you happy. Then you’d get there and you realized that you’re still chasing dollars.

If you want your business to expand, you need to expand and you’re going to have to butt up against the walls of your own resistance. There’s something also that I think is important. I want to highlight this, that Sophie said it feels so good when you’re in your business and getting everything from it. You are the main focal point of attention, love, adoration, gratitude, everything. You’re getting all your feel good from it. However, if this is the only source that you’re getting it from and you fall into what Sophie did and what I have done as well of feeling that this is the only thing you’ve got, you’re going to die on the inside.

I was trying to find another way of saying it, but that’s what’s going to happen. You’re so much more than just your business. You are this beautiful creature and you have other needs. You have the needs for real deep and fulfilling social relationships and intimate relationships. Even deeper than that, you need your own self-love. You need your own validation and your own enoughness. You need to be able to provide that for yourself. It gets very easy to put a mask on where we’re not doing that for ourselves when we get successful in business. I have a lot of clients who were like this. In business, they’re confident and powerful and everything like that. Outside of business, personal relationships are falling apart or not existent. Intimate relationships are falling apart or not existent. Health patterns are falling apart or not existent. That’s no way to live.

Living that way will absolutely give you a midlife crisis or you might not even make it to midlife before you start freaking the fuck out. You’ve got to give these things to yourself. The beautiful thing. It’s like in a relationship. The most beautiful relationship is composed of two people who are so self-loving that they flow that love onto each other so that nobody can give or take anything from each other. They’re there to share with each other. The same thing with a business. If you’re looking to your business and you’re in it so hard and you don’t want to share it with anybody. You don’t want to hire a team or anything like that because you’re going to get less love or less significance from it.

That’s a real clear sign that you’ve got to do some inner work. You’ve got to be able to give these things to your self. The other thing is also that when you’re doing it, the more you do it for those reasons, to fill in a feeling that you’re not giving yourself, the needier you become. The more reliant on your business you become and then weird things start happening. You stop taking vacations. You stop having hobbies. You stop having weekends. You stop having fun. When you’re not working, what are you going to do? What happens if you retire? Kill yourself because you have nothing else in your life? That’s nonsense. You’ve got to have a life. You’ve got to be even more well-rounded.

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The beautiful thing is that when you start supplying these things for yourself, when you realized that you are the real source of love, validation, enoughness, gratitude, and significance, then the results and the impact that you’ll have with your clients are much greater. It magnifies your ability to do your work. Then you’ll be able to hire a team because you’ll know that they’re not taking anything from you. They’re not extracting anything from you and anything, they’re adding to you. It’s that scarcity versus abundance mindset. This one is instead of financial wealth, it’s inner wealth and realizing that you are in control of that. Not your clients, not your business, not anybody else. You’ve got to be able to give to yourself these things.

You, hiring a team, opens up your capacity for so much more financial abundance. It does and all the other pieces of abundance as well. Here’s what happened. Imagine hiring as like inflating a balloon. When you’re in your business on your own, you can only blow this balloon up to a certain capacity on your own. Think of the balloon as the amount of money that you’re making in your business. Just as you, because you’re doing all of the things. You only have so much time, so much energy and there’s only so much of you. We blow that balloon up to its capacity and that’s where you are probably at right now. You can maybe take on one or two more clients or you can maybe increase your costs and that will get you to a little bit larger but again, you’re hitting the capacity. When you hire a team, what’s going to happen at first is the balloon is going to deflate a little bit. Yes, it is. I’m going to acknowledge this because it’s part of the process. You don’t have to be afraid of it or freak out when it does happen.

When you hire a team, the balloon is going to deflate a little bit. What’s going to happen is once this person is trained and they’re on board and they fully get everything and they get the systems, you’re able to take better care of yourself. Now you have more energy and more capacity to support your clients and to show up in the business. Because both of you are able to blow into that balloon or to be able to support the business, your capacity to create more income in the business will surpass where you were previously. Now the balloon is even bigger than it was before because you’re not the only person inside of it. Also at the same time, you have so much more time and energy for you and your life to take care of you, which is what you want.

Recognize that the real and only way for you to grow and scale, especially if you’re wanting to hit those much bigger numbers, is you need to hire a team. For the majority of you that are tuning into this, you’re probably in either coaching or mentorship or some spaces like that. The person that you need to hire first needs to be somebody who’s going to be your OBM and RBA. Meaning they’re going to be the person that’s taking over all of the behind the scenes aspects of your business so that you can focus on your zone of genius, which more than likely, knowing your archetype because I’m very similar to it, is probably going to be content creation and client delivery.

You love showing up for your clients, you love creating content and you love being in those zones, but you hate doing all the backend stuff. You hate tracking data. You hate sending out contracts. You hate doing all of these minuscule tasks that need to get done. They’re important but they’re not what fills you up. Those are all the things that we can free up your time, even if it’s only ten hours a week. If you’ve got ten hours a week back, what could you do with that? This is the mentality that I always give my clients to think about. These are the tasks that you need to hire out or because these are the tasks that you don’t want to be doing. They’re not money generating activities. They’re money sustaining activities. You need to be able to differentiate the two.

MMM 73 | Next Level Of Success

Next Level Of Success: A lot of us don’t like asking for help because it feels good to be able to say we did it all on our own.


Money sustaining activities are the ones that you need to delegate. When you hire that person, that person’s going to take over those many sustaining activities that are going to sustain your income. Now that you’ve got those ten hours back or whatever those X amount of hours are that you’re getting back from this person taking over those tasks, you want to calculate that obviously. Then you look at, “Now that I have ten more hours to put towards money generating activities. Now I’ve completely increased my ability to reach more people, to have more marketing or to network more,” whatever those things are for you. You’ve completely increased your window as well as far as being able to work with more clients or if you’re doing group scaling from that perspective.

A hiring team is your best friend when it comes to growing and scaling. I really hope that you can feel into this and if there is resistance there for you, that’s the internal work that needs to happen. That’s the shift where it’s like what part of you is feeling resistance? Is it more ego-based around like, “I don’t want to give up me doing it all?” There’s no shame around that. It’s a real thing where we feel good about being able to fully support ourselves. A lot of us don’t like asking for help because we did it all on our own. It feels good to be able to say that until you hit a place where you can’t get much further on your own. Figure out for yourself where is that resistance. Where is that fear? Where are those pieces that don’t feel super fantastic? Are there some fears around it? Maybe there’s some doubt about it working for you. That’s where the work needs to happen.

That’s really important. I want you to remember what Sophie said. It’s critical and we’ve both seen it that trying to do everything yourself feels good until it doesn’t. Then when it doesn’t, it feels not so good. You want to create these structures in your life, business, heart, mind and your soul that allow you to expand and to keep expanding. That’s why it’s important to have a beautiful mix of strategy and internal work to allow you to continue growing and allow you to dig out of that resistance. When we say eliminating resistance, we’re not saying that it has to feel good at first. You’re allowed to feel the fear and do it anyway.

You’re allowed to say, “This is hard but I’m going to do it anyway.” That feeling of, “I don’t want to do this,” but do it anyway as you’re doing it. It’s like on that roller coaster where you could be scared all the way up, but you put yourself in there. You know that it’s going to take you to where you want to be. Remembering also that you might have challenges along the way. They’re probably not going to hire the perfect team immediately, just like you’re probably not going to do many things for the first time perfectly. It’s a learning curve and so if you find resistance to making those types of mistakes, that’s inner work too. You’ve got to allow yourself to fail. That’s how you’re going to learn.

As we were talking about in the previous episode, the analogy of working now and finding that progressive overload. You’re not looking to succeed all the time. You are trying to find your breaking point because then you’ll have a bullseye on something that you can shift either externally in your systems where you say, “This is breaking down right here and I can see it,” or internally where you say, “I’m breaking down right here and I can finally see it.” These are both beautiful things. You have to be able to welcome them with open arms. These are gifts in disguise because as soon as you know what your problems are, you’ll be able to resolve them or you can find help to get you to resolve them.

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Then you’ll be able to uplevel and you’ll see that you can do it. That’s the beautiful thing. When you start building a team and you start expanding your business in new ways. You’re getting into a group program or raising your rates or all of the above. You’ll see that “I can really do this.” It sets off a chain reaction internally that will allow you to ride that momentum forward to say, “If I could do this, if I can do a group program with five people, maybe I can do it with ten people. If I can hire one person for ten hours, maybe I can have a full-time person.” You just need to start. Get yourself in the door and see that yes, you can do it. Yes, you are ready. No, mistakes will not kill you. That you’re going to make it through and then you begin that process of seriously upleveling.

Talk about a potent episode. The last two are so strong for you and I hope that you’re starting to see the correlation between the inner and the outer pieces of growing and scaling your business. Because if you are an entrepreneur, and I’m speaking specifically to those that have businesses, you do need both. There’s no sugar coating that. If it’s all strategy, and we’ve worked with a lot of clients who’ve done this, and Dan, I know you have too, who have been so hard on the strategy and it’s still not working and they’re like, “What the fuck?” It’s because they’re not receiving that inner love, that inner healing, whatever it is that you want to call it, where they need to have those shifts. It’s just for you recognizing where does the shift needs to happen in your life and in your business? Where are you feeling there are some leaks or some holes? Also, recognize that you don’t have to go through the gutters and fail and fall on your face over and over again. We can shortcut this path by hiring a mentor.

By having somebody who can look at exactly what you’re doing and look at exactly where you are. Somebody who’s mastered the content and can tell you exactly what you need to do to get to where you want to go. You don’t have to sit there and fall on your face and go through these massive failures. Instead, you can say, “Let me take the evolutionary path instead of the revolutionary path.” The revolutionary path is the path through pain where you have to fail and fall on your face over and over again until you figure out how to do it the right way. Instead, the evolutionary path is where you say, “Let me find the person that’s already where I want to be and figure out how they did it.” Ask them for their support so they can give you the step-by-step blueprint and you can climb that ladder and we can activate as we go along.

That’s where having a mentor or a coach or somebody to support you depending on what your specific business is and where specifically you are and what specifically your needs are is so crucial. Also, making sure that you are aligned with that person. Whether it’s me, Dan or whether it’s somebody else, the biggest thing that I always say is you want to hire people that you feel are congruent for you. Here’s my last little thing for you guys when it comes to growing and scaling. You showing up in your business and being whole in who you are and illuminating different aspects of your life for more than just, “This is what I do.” This is the mistake that I see a lot of coaches make. They only always talk about what they do. They never show the other aspects of who they are as a human being.

You’re limiting your capacity to connect with multiple people in different dimensions and different aspects. You being able to illuminate to people that, “Here I am living this life and experiencing these things. Here are all the aspects of what I love to do and who I am as a whole human being,” allows people to see you more in your wholeness, which allows people to have more connection to you. It’s similar to what we were talking about, that fear around people taking your content. Your content is important. What matters more than any of that is who you are as a person. There are so many business and marketing mentors out there in the world. I honestly could give a shit because I know my stuff so damn well. I’m sure they do too, but I know it’s the capacity to where nobody can deliver this information the way that I can deliver it. Nobody can sit here and look at something the way that I can look at it and see it through my own eyes.

MMM 73 | Next Level Of Success

Next Level Of Success: When you allow people to see you more in your wholeness, it allows them to have more connection with you.


I don’t have any fear around any of these other people because there’s no competition for me because they’re not me. That’s the type of mentality you need to step into and just owning it. It’s who you are as a human being. It’s you operating from your sense of wholeness. It’s you being able to eliminate to your audience like, “This is what I know, but also this is how what I know is impacting and allowing me to be who I am and experience the life that I have.” You’re embodying and owning that in your life and in your business.

If you love this and if you got a lot out of this episode, let us know and help us share this out. You can share it on your social, just tell people about it. Leave us a five-star on iTunes and leave us a review. We also love hearing directly from you. We’ve had a number of people reach out and tell us about the shifts that they’ve made as a result of some of the tools that they’ve got from this show. Both Sophie and I melt with that. It means so much to us. It also lets us know that we’re on the right path for you. That we’re giving you something that’s useful and practical. That’s our way of finding out.

Please do reach out, leave us those reviews and get in touch. The task for this episode. If you are considering a team, if you thought that it might be your next step after reading this episode, then I want you to feel into it. Let’s say you had to hire someone for ten or fifteen hours a week starting tomorrow. What is all the resistance that comes up for you? Write it all down and then start working through it. You could work through it by connecting with your higher self. You can work through it by reaching out to us and getting some support directly. Whatever and however method but the first step is not just feeling but seeing it on paper so that you have a target. You have things to work through. Whether it’s a systems thing, whether it’s the strategy, whether it’s your business mechanics, that’s also awesome to see on there. Whether it’s internal, that’s also awesome to see on there. Having it in front of you so you have a checklist that you can cross off and work on so that you can uplevel and make it feel beautiful for you is such a gorgeous first step.

If you are feeling like, “You guys are amazing, we love you, how do I work with you?” Just reach out to us. We love you. We’re here to support you on whatever it is you need. If any of this content is resonating, reach out. If we’re not the perfect fit for you, we have so much integrity in the sense that we’re going to send you to somebody who we feel is. That’s our biggest thing. We want you to get the support that you need. If it is us, awesome, fantastic. If it’s not us, awesome, fantastic. We’ll make sure that you get what it is you need. The work you’re here to do is important and it matters and we want to help you be able to impact the world in a greater way.

That’s what we’re here to do. We know that we can’t do that all on our own, which is why we stepped into the role of supporting other people in elevating their own platforms and elevating their own lives through the work that we do. If you are looking for that support, if you’re looking for that mentorship, if you’re looking for that guidance, reach out. I’m either on Facebook and Instagram, where I love getting the DMs, it’s so great. We can always jam on that. Dan, I don’t know if you’ve got any other tools that you would want to send them or have them reach out to you on.

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I’m the same way. Reach out through Instagram. Hit me up on Facebook. You can email me any which way I don’t think is important. The important thing is that you need to know that we got your back. It does not matter what your challenge is. If we can’t solve it, we will turn you into a direction to someone who can. Getting over that hurdle of knowing that the support is out there and you’ve got people who do care about you is important. Just reach out.

There’s no shame in asking for help. Thank you so much for tuning in to this episode. If you’re enjoying this and if you’re loving the content that we’re producing and you’re digging this vibe that we’re starting to step into, share it on Instagram, share it on Facebook, tag us. Let us know so that we can start to produce more of this content. If you have any requests for where you’re feeling that you’d love more content or where you’re feeling you’d love support or insight from both of us, let us know. We love producing content specifically for you. If you have a specific thing that you love, insight or a topic that you’d love us to touch on or something that you’d like us to dive deeper into, let us know so we can do that for you. We love hearing from you. Thank you so much and we will see you in the next episode.

I love you, guys.

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