MMM 68 | Your Story


If you’ve ever wanted to be a speaker or coach, or felt like you wanted to change the world, this episode is for you! Loren is a powerful, poetic speaker who teaches people how to break free of self-judgment, see their true value, and share their stories in ways that change lives. Listen to get a potent dose of inspiration and practical steps to discovering your power, transforming the way you see yourself, and making a difference in someone else’s life.


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How YOU Can Change The World With Your Story with Loren Michaels Harris

I’ve got another very special interview for you. This guy is a rock star. His name is Loren Michaels Harris. He was my speaker coach for a while as well, helping me craft my message. That’s his zone of genius. He has this ability to not only express himself in a magnetic and piercing way, but he also teaches people how to do it. He teaches people how to become speakers and how to impact other people himself or themselves. His view of life, his view of speaking, and his view of what makes a person truly valuable to their audience is something unique. You’re going to absolutely love Loren. I’m excited to have him on here. Loren, welcome to the show.

Thanks for having me, Dan. It’s great to be here.

Your backstory is epic. I mean that. Can you give us a little bit of the idea of how did you get to here? You weren’t always a world-class, traveling-around-the-world speaker, highly sought after, and creating all of these beautiful organizations. Tell us how you started with all of this.

I started most things that end up coming to fruition. A lot of people, I almost became one of them where I could have easily still been sitting on my thumbs, reading every how-to book on how to be a speaker, how to hone your message, how to, but never being actionable. I pretty much am a champion for a theory, a mindset that I refer to as the Make Use of The Pennies theory, which means all I did was I started looking around, digging in the cushions of my life. Digging under the seats of my life, the junk drawers or any place I may have stashed a penny or two. What I mean by that is what do I have at the moment that is of value? It forced me to go back to the beginning of my journey and start gathering value from my story. If you don’t find a reason, which I know that for me, the best way to find value is to look for ways to be immediately of service to someone or something other than myself. When I was looking for value based on providing something for me, that’s not so easy all the time.

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I’m one of those underdog people. When I was a kid, they would get mad at me because I wouldn’t stand up and fight for myself. I sure would get up and stand for somebody and fight for someone who was being bullied. I’ve always had that stand up for the underdog mentality, which was that innate thing within me that was leading me to the real joy and key of doing what I do. It’s what we all do as impactors, being of service to others. I love youth and I love working with kids. That was the part of my life that I’ve felt I’ve had the least control over, being a product of the foster system and not having a say so over so many things. The natural go-to for me as far as being of service to others was working with kids. I’m not only trying to affect some type of change where it pertains to the way things are done in this country with the foster system, but kids in general about dealing with low self-esteem and the choices that we make as kids. Those feelings we often experience of being powerless. All those things and being bullied, quickly becoming the bully, all of the above.

I got started. It boiled down to finding the courage, summoning the courage because it’s always there. When we enact things like the Law of Attraction and all of the effects, the domino effect, the ripple effect, the boomerang effect, anything that brings all of those brings something back full circle. Once I started tapping into those and then combined it with working diligently to eradicate my world of words that deceive, meaning repeating things to myself that I had overheard or been told by abusers or people that didn’t have my best interests at heart. All those seasons of early childhood, teenage years, young adulthood, all through and through. I had to get rid of those words. People always giving me directives, “Don’t worry, you’ll get over it. Don’t worry, you’ll find a way around it. One of these days you’ll dig yourself from underneath it.” Those were all words that deceive. Those were all GPS coordinates that led me everywhere, but where I needed to go.

They may have led me to places I’ve wanted to go or thought I wanted, but they never led me to where I needed to go. That was directly through whatever situation that was continually holding me back, bringing me back to the same place over and over again. It wasn’t until I decided to see what it was like to go through something because once you go through something, now you know something. The minute you become an authority on something and you realize the purpose within it, the natural next stage is to want to show someone. You’d go because you know, and now you show. All of those things started to come together. It’s been a true blessing and a roller coaster ride that I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world. Here we are.

There is so much in what you said as well. I want to start with something if every reader thought that you grew up in a foster system and that can be, they’re abusive. Kids can grow up feeling disempowered or hopeless or helpless. How did you overcome that? What happened that allowed you to go from a system that typically lets people know that they don’t have any value? They’re not worth anything to a point where you became healed and then taught other people? What was that turning point?

MMM 68 | Your Story

Your Story: When we truly get up and try to make it about other people, we find that we get everything that we could have ever needed.


The turning point for me was once I aged out of the system. A few years after getting out, I started a quest to find several of the boys who had been beneficial to my growing and making it out of that system. I wanted to find out what happened to them and let them know how grateful I was. After a couple of years of a lot of detective work, seeking and searching, I found out unfortunately that not any of those three boys made it out of the system alive. I felt the need to share their story because I couldn’t tell them. The only other choice I truly had was to tell the world on their behalf, to speak for them. My attempts or desires to be of service to them and their impact on my life is how I found my way to being an impact on others’ lives through my own life. It’s a roundabout way. It speaks to that universal promise like Zig Ziglar said, “When we truly get up and we try to make it about other people, we find out that we get everything that we could have ever needed.” That was it for me. I’m constantly running into kids and hearing their stories and that not much has changed. The needle of change hasn’t moved nearly at all in 40 some years.

I thought that was a shame. You come through something like that and you think that you don’t have anything of value. You get that chance to see if there is something because it all has to make sense. You want things to make sense. I got to that tipping point in my life where I heard a voice telling me that now was the time to bring everything that I’d ever lived. Now was the time to bring everything that I currently was. It was also the time for me to grab and bring to the table everything that I could ever hope to become. That is how I found myself smack dab what I referred to as being in the arms of purpose. I was able to see that I lived everything for a reason. It’s like I’m a human scrubbing bubble. I did that so someone else wouldn’t have to. That’s what gets me up. That’s what keeps me going. That’s what keeps me looking forward to the next person, the next kid, the next foster parent or whomever that I can share my story with that can make their day and their story make a little bit more sense. It’s the power of we. You know about that.

I do because if you haven’t seen it, Loren has started this thing. It is blowing up already. It’s going to keep on blowing up. It’s called the Power of We. I was lucky enough to be a guest speaker in that last year. It was a spectacular event. We brought in 200 inner city kids from Chicago and amazing speakers one after another, each one bringing in a different kind of energy, each one with a different set of perceptions, values, lessons and personal magic. It was absolutely extraordinary. The next one is coming up April 5th in Atlanta. That’s going to be amazing. I started seeing little messages about the speakers that you’re going to have there. It’s going to be incredible.

It is. I’m looking forward to it. We feel so much better about it because we have proof of concept. Mainly in part to people like yourself who came, showed up, showed out and gave these kids something that they’ll never forget, a one of a kind experience. Each speaker comes with their own particular superpower. It’s that thing that they reached for each and every time as a kid that they found themselves sitting at that table of loneliness or despair or whatever it was for them. They used whatever it is they came to talk about. In your case, it was the power of harmony. It’s a brilliant presentation. People are still talking about what you did that day.

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We waited on purpose so that we could leverage all of that wonderful momentum from the Power of We Chicago to help us get as many kids as possible and supporters to the Biltmore in Atlanta come April 5th. I want to thank you for everything you brought. It was life-changing. It’s all that energy under one roof. It was far more than brick and mortar. The venue was gorgeous, but the energy that everyone brought; the kids, the supporters, the mentors, the speakers, everybody, it was proof of the universal promise that where two or more of us gather, incredible things will happen. The Power of We symposium proves that together we can all do a whole lot more than we could ever alone and individually. We hope to get you back.

I would love to. I had a blast last time. I’d love to help you with that as well.

Thank you. Anyone who’s interested in learning more about what the Power of We Symposium is all about, feel free to go to our website, which is or you can hit up our Facebook page or message me from my personal page if you want, but there’s stuff all over. We would love for you to be a part of whether it’d be a mentor, a supporter from the audience. Perhaps you know some kids that deserve to be celebrated because that’s what this is. We bring in kids and then everything from a red carpet entrance to the step and repeat, and great swag bags. Getting the kids all together where we can sit and celebrate everything that they are and everything that they hope to be. We remind them that their dreams are alive, not only within their mindsets but within the minds and hearts of all the supporters that are there to give them real-life encouragement, uplifting and edification. Let us know. We’d love to see you there. We would love to see you be a part of this.

This is such a beautiful event. One of the things that struck me there is the idea that it doesn’t matter who you are. It doesn’t matter where you come from. It doesn’t matter whether you came from wealth or connections or not. You have a place in this world. You have gifts that people need. You can make a difference. You can make this world an even better place. You can change your life around and create whatever you want. Here’s the thing. Even people hearing you saying that you have this rocky upbringing and then fell into the arms of purpose and changed everything. I know if I was reading this blog years ago, I would’ve said, “I feel like I have something big. I feel like I have some more in me. I feel like maybe I’ve heard the call, but I can’t do that. That’s you. You’re special. You had something that I don’t. I hear it, but I can’t do anything.” What can I do to start turning things around for myself? What would you say to someone like that?

MMM 68 | Your Story

Your Story: A lot of the choices for us were already being formulated and made before we even had a voice in it.


It’s pretty cut and dry. It’s the same thing I tell anybody whether it’s someone coming for potential coaching or mentoring or someone that comes up afterward, after a speech or something and they want to talk to you privately. Every great story, whether you’re an evolutionist and you believe in the Big Bang theory or if you’re a creationist and you believe in the story of creation. Both of those, the stories begin with either, “Once upon a time,” or “In the beginning.” It’s important that we all go back to the beginning because a lot of the choices for us were already being formulated, were already being made before we even had a voice in it. I know in my particular case, I didn’t crawl out of my bassinet a week old and tell my birth mother and family, “I’m out of here. Forward my Pampers,” and crawl away.

I didn’t do that. Those decisions were made for me. I always tell people that if you are having a difficult time believing that your purpose is something that this world cannot do without, it needs everything that you recreated for. Look at your fingerprints. They are there where you can turn your hands over and look at the swirls. None of us questions the fact that our fingerprints are the only set like that in the universe. Our DNA, if you need something beyond what you can see in front of you. Skin cells, bodily fluid, follicle of hair, any one of those dropped anywhere in the universe is proof, yet again, that will lead directly back to whomever it came from. It won’t be a tossup between this person and that person, it will be one definitive person. People look at that and they know, “These two things, DNA and fingerprints, yes, they establish that I am unique. Okay, big deal.” It is a big deal but not as big a deal as that third one.

Unfortunately, when we transitioned to whatever you believe to be next after this world, in other words, when we die, our fingerprints and our DNA, all of it dies with us. We only have one thing to prove that we were here. It’s one thing that has the potential to live on forever. Those are our stories, but only if you write a classic. We all have that opportunity. We all have been writing a classic but writing a classic by living it is a lot different if you’re not willing to tell it as a classic. What I mean by that is that cutting and pasting, offering the world a version, “If they knew this about me, then they wouldn’t like me. I definitely can’t let them know I went through this. What would they think of me if they knew that?” When we start changing the truth, it’s no longer the truth. The beautiful thing about the truth is that it’s the only thing in the universe that will never change. It will never change on us. Your truths are very important. I tell the kids all the time, it’s almost like the movie, The Wizard of Oz. When it’s about to transition from black and white to color, Dorothy’s gone through the house. She has been through all the turmoil and landed wherever. She finds that door. She opens it and peaks in. She sees what’s awaiting her on the other side, the land of the Munchkins. Everything is in color.

Does she rush in and leave us over on the black and white side? No, she doesn’t. She turns around. She looks at us and then grabs the door handle and moves out of the way as she opens the door, as if to say, “After you.” I believe that’s exactly what each of us needs to do with our particular truths. Whatever it is that you’ve had to live and been made to live, whether you chose it or not. Every day you have to show up. You have to look at your truths directly in the eye. At every door of opportunity, every opportunity intersection, wave your hand to those truths and say, “After you.” Let them go in first. It’s not about fancy music or what kind of outfit you’re hitting the stage and how many seats are in the audience. If your story is as important, powerful and impactful to one person as it is to 10,000 people. If we speak to 10,000 people and we changed one life, then that was one life that was worth it. It was meant to be. How do we know that one seat that is occupied isn’t that one person? You have to give it all you’ve got and be grateful. It is an honor to ask people to sit back and allow us to step inside their mindset to have access to their hearts and their dreams. I take it very seriously.

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Another thing is that I always looked for a way or ways to provide those things that when I reach out in search of them, they weren’t that easy to get my hands on. Where was this answer? Where was this person? Where it was this type of service to let a person know that, “You’re not the only one. You will make it through.” All I needed half the time was a little encouragement because someone could tell me, “I remember that place. I’ve been in that room. I’ve walked on that carpeting. I’ve touched those walls. I know what they feel like. I know what you’re thinking, but it will get better. This too will pass.” That’s what it’s all about. All those promises that we hear about that, you don’t have proof, but you hope with all within you that it’s true. The Law of Attraction, karma, “If I keep going, it’s going to all come together.” It will and it does, but it comes together through being of service to others. There are no two ways around that. The Brady Bunch got canceled for a reason. Get rid of that mentality. It’s not the Power of Me. It’s the Power of We. When you do things to be of service to others, you’re doing it to yourself. It’s as simple as that.

There are a couple of things there that I want to highlight and make sure that we all got it. One of the things there that it sounds like is what you’re saying is that it doesn’t matter where you come from. A lot of times people will look at their past and see what they don’t have or see the trials, tribulations, challenges, struggles. They see them as negatives. What I hear you saying is that the moment you accept them and use them and have that part of your story, knowing that other people will connect with it. Other people have probably gone through something like it. They’re also looking for someone else to make them feel like they’re not alone, to make them feel like they have a community, that they have other options.

When you come and lead with those and let people know with confidence, “This is who I am and yet this is what I’m doing and this is where I’m going.” You can start impacting people because of that connection. It needs to start with one. It doesn’t need to be as world-changing thing coming right out the gates. You don’t even need to change five people coming right out the gates. It’s just one person at a time and as long as you can do that, then everything will start. You have the momentum. You’re building it. You’re helping other people. You have no idea. Maybe that one person that you’re influencing will by themselves go and change the world in some profound way. They were looking at their beginnings and saw you there. Maybe that one person is all you need in order to change the world as well.

I’ll tell you what did it for me was the very first time I got on the stage and told my story. It’s that same video from that night. It started with one person. I’ll never forget it. I post the picture every now and then. When I got into a couple of magazines at first year for foster care and adoption, it was that photo that they used. I’ll never forget it was a woman who came up to me after the speech about my having had 22 mothers in the foster care. It wasn’t about all the negatives. It was about the realization that each one of those 22 mothers were chosen to play a particular role in my life at that particular time. There were no mistakes. Were all of them the type of mother that would have been nominated for a Mother of the Year award? Absolutely not. Were they all horrible monsters that should have never even been left in a room alone with a kid? Absolutely not. That night when I told my story, which was not easy. I was nervous. I was fearful. I was tempted to run from the stage on three separate occasions. The girl next to me kept telling me, “Calm down, it will be fine. Tell your story.”

MMM 68 | Your Story

Your Story: We were all chosen to cross each other in a particular moment, time, and place to make a difference.


The woman that came up to me afterwards, and they’ve shown the picture of both of us holding hands. She’s leaning in and I’m intently listening. What people will never know and I wish that when they looked at that picture, because everyone loves that picture, but they don’t have any idea of what she is saying to me. She’s saying to me, “I came here tonight with a friend of mine whose husband has stomach flu and couldn’t come with her. I was a last minute stand-in. I didn’t want to come because I should be at home making a decision that I have to have made by 9:00 tomorrow morning.” She goes, “My husband and I have three of our own biological children, but we have been fostering three siblings. We’ve had them for almost a year and tomorrow is the last day. We either need to tell the system and the caseworker that we want to adopt these three siblings and keep them together or tomorrow when they leave our home or they each go their separate ways.

They may never be back together again. I’m here tonight because I thought I needed to get out of the house so I wouldn’t be caught up in this because I didn’t feel coming here that it was the right decision. I wasn’t sure.” She goes, “I’m here to tell you how grateful I am for your story because I now know that I and my husband was intended and our three kids, we were all intended, the five of us, to be a family to these other three kids. I’m going home and I’m telling all of my family that we are going to be a family from this day forward. It’s because I came here tonight.” I’ll tell you, you could never ever imagined that you would be the catalyst to a decision like that simply by telling your story. The moment I did hear it, it moved me the messenger out of the way of the message. I’ve never chosen to step back in front of it again. I stay in my lane and I realized now that opportunities like that one was chosen for me, just as I was chosen for that opportunity. She didn’t wander in off the street looking for something to do to kill some time.

I didn’t wander up on a stage and start talking arbitrarily at a microphone. We were all chosen to cross each other at that particular moment, at that particular time in that particular place to choose and to make a difference. When you experience purpose, it’s like when you hear the truth. You should only need to hear the truth once. You shouldn’t have to be convinced over and over and over. That’s what I love about my friend, Jason Sisneros. He only says something to you one time because he figures if you’re seeking the truth, then you’ll know it when you hear it. If you don’t hear it the first time, why should I keep trying to drum it into your thick skull? Because what’s going to be different between numbers one and 25, if you’re not looking for the truth, it won’t sound like the truth. It won’t land on your spirit as the truth can. It won’t be smart because there’s a reason they say the truth has a ring to it.

You have to be listening for it. You have to be seeking it. You have to be knocking on that door. When you experienced something like that one time, there is no unhearing it. There is no unfeeling it. There is no unknowing it. You feel like you are in the presence of purpose. I felt like the old version of Urkel. Did I do that? It’s quite humbling because I went home that night knowing what I was responsible directly for helping manifest. That was keeping three kids from being separated, keeping three kids from ever wondering when they landed in bed number 250, what was in one of these other rooms waiting on them? What was working its way towards them, what type of atrocities or horrors would await them at this particular place? It was something we worried about every time they moved us. That was powerful. That was when I became a true believer in purpose. I was like, “Wow.” It was like the first time you ever go first class on a plane. You never want to go back across the aisle to coach. It’s that wonder. Everybody has that potential. Everybody, everyone, everything that you’ve gone through establishes you as an authority.

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You can speak on it because it didn’t kill you. Here you are. I hate that when people say, “The only reason Loren has gotten all those speaking gigs is that he’s got that horrible story.” No, it isn’t. What’s happening in my life and what allows me to help other people isn’t because I had all those abusers. What helps me help others are the solutions that I was taught through those abusers. How to stand across that valley now and point over to them and say, “Even though you told me four decades ago that because of what you were doing, it was proof that I wasn’t worthy of being loved. I was not capable of ever loving. You tried to convince me because you needed my silence. You tried to convince me to never talk about it because I would only hear people echo what you’ve already told me. What you told me, what you taught me was patience. Because of you, I didn’t give away my ability to love unconditionally. I protected it until I found myself face to face with my soulmate, my everything.

That is how I knew the day I met the person I married, that I would be with that person or wanted to be for the rest of my life instantly because you taught me patience. You taught me to wait for what was meant for me. You taught me to wait on purpose.” The foster system, was it broken then? Is it broken now? Absolutely. Even they taught me. They taught me that everything that I ever experienced within that system provided me with a voice to be able to stand up and demand change where kids cannot stand up for themselves. I stand up because I experienced the same things 40 some years ago and they’re still happening. How would they know what happened 40 years ago? They weren’t alive, but I am an authority and I can stand up and say, “What you’re feeling, how those trash bags make you feel is right. I felt the same way.”

I didn’t even have to worry about the digital imprint of my history, my story. I didn’t have to worry about somebody taking a picture of me getting out of a state car with a big emblem on the door, being shoved around the new school before I could even make it to my first day of classes. I can’t imagine what these kids deal with bullying and all the different things. It’s not about me having a horror story and all those things. It’s about the solutions, what it all means, how it looked then as opposed to how it is now. We’ve all heard that our past doesn’t define us. It refines us. It allows us to understand anything and everything we’d been made to live through is a notch on our stories’ volume knob. The more that you’ve endured in your life, in your journey, the louder your voice can be, the further your message can carry. I believe that. A lot of people think I’m talking when I say this, but it’s the truth. I love and I am so grateful for what I am able to do with kids with the Power of We symposium, The Next Impactor, and everything that I do, the coaching and standing in line at the grocery store when someone says, “What do you do?”

Being able to say what I do, I would gladly go back and I mean it. I would live every moment of everything that I used to think. The last thing I would want to do is go back to the scene of any of those crimes. I would live every one of those moments over a thousand times for five minutes of what I lived because it is that wonderful. When you hear stories like that woman and she tells you, “Thank you because I was brought here tonight to hear your voice, to hear your story, to make this decision that will affect these three lives.” Those three kids, hopefully, will go on and grow up and be happy and have families and sit down and tell their kids about the day that their lives changed forever. All you need is one time for that experience of purpose to happen. You should never have to be talked into it again.

MMM 68 | Your Story

Your Story: The fact that we are still alive means that we have a message and story that someone else needs to hear.


I dig that message that you don’t need to wait for anything. You don’t need approval. You don’t need permission. You don’t need anything. You’re alive. You’ve gone through stuff in order to get where you are. The crazy thing is I’m starting to see kid life coaches, teenagers who are coaching younger kids. If you think of a teenager, how much life could you experience? A whole of a lot, the lessons, the learnings, the gifts and the struggles. By being alive means that you’ve got a message, you’ve got a story that someone else needs to hear. You’ll never know who needs to hear it until you start telling.

It’s such a beautiful thing because I used to think that being a speaker, being a life coach, being whatever was some crazy thing that happened to a select few or they would have to go through these insane stories and life experiences in order to be allowed to tell their stories to others and help them change their lives. That’s simply not true. If you’re reading this right now, you have a story to tell, and someone needs you to tell it. It doesn’t matter whether it’s friends, family, colleagues, random strangers like Loren was saying, at the grocery store or whether you’ve been feeling like you need to talk to people on a stage or in a group and get your message out there. The time is now. There is no reason to wait any longer. It’s time to take action and step on really accepting and embracing your story, where you came from, who you are and all of the darker and lighter things and everything in between.

Start telling people what you’ve learned and what you’ve gained, where you’re going and what you’re working on and get other people like Loren has done starting off speaking and now he has a group of speakers around him and collecting these pockets of incredible individuals traveling the world and sharing their stories and making incredible impacts. You can do this too. If you want help, I do encourage you to reach out to Loren. He’s an amazing teacher. One of the reasons that the presentation that I did at the Power of We was so impactful for people was because I worked with Loren. We happened to make an amazing team. It was such an honor and a blessing to be a part of that and to tell my story and help kids.

I want to say because I’m going to tell you something. I’ve already told all the other speakers. Your presentation was absolutely brilliant. It was one of the best things I’ve ever seen. The thing that I find so encouraging about your story is that it’s not one of those, “My family died in a plane crash and I lost an arm.” You went through things but compared to what some people think, what you did with that piece about harmony and every instrument in the orchestra. I can’t wait to release this footage of Dan Mendilow’s presentation at Power of Harmony. I can’t even find the words. That’s the truth. I told you that the moment it was over. That’s proof, Dan, because I’m sure when we started it, you knew you had a story, but when you brought us into it like a story, it was like there are those books when we were kids that didn’t have any pictures. That was the last one I grab or reach for. I loved the picture. I’ve loved the story where the teacher would turn the book around while we were in that semi-circle on the floor. She would show the picture to us and bring us into the experience of that story. I was that kid and most of us are. That’s what we do with our stories.

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If you watch a scary movie and you take the scary music out, it’s almost laughable. You put that back and you’re grabbing, squeezing the people next to you, “Don’t go in there. The killer is in there.” It’s a totally different experience. When we tell our stories, we don’t give ourselves credit enough for everything that we’ve lived through and endured. We also don’t know what we don’t know. We don’t give ourselves credit for what we do know fully because we lived it. We take it for granted. When I hear some of the things that you endured, I don’t know what it felt like because I didn’t live it. It’s just another thing. I was like, “At least I didn’t have to go through that.” You reminded me that it could have been worse. You look at someone you go, “I would never have thought that he or she lived through that. I need to find out how you did it because I’m living with that now.” You get to hear, you learn how far you’ve truly come when we share the good, the bad, and the ugly with each other. With people that are likeminded, which means we’re not judging each other. It’s important. Tell your stories. Share your stories.

There’s something else that you’re putting together that I think is going to be exciting for budding storytellers. Can you tell us a little bit about The Next Impactor?

The Next Impactor, it’s a competition wherein the person who is crowned The Next Impactor in August here in Chicago at our finale will have worked their way from the hundreds of entries from around the globe following a series of challenges. Proof of concept, social media engagement, is your message landing and being resonated with on the ears of the world? What are you doing? What’s your service, your humanitarian component? How are you protecting your message and this opportunity to find your way into the hearts and minds of others? All these different things. Challenging those of us to do the best we can with these opportunities we have, helping people see and gather the value in their life that they already have.

Scooping all those pennies together and using them, realizing that if you don’t use it, you’re going to lose it. Helping that person move from wherever they’re at to the very head of the class because I got to be honest with you, we want to see more people in this industry who are vested in doing it for no other reason than being of service to others. This is no different than back in the ‘70s and ‘80s, you had Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker, I’m using them as an example. They start on TV every day convincing people that they were for the right thing. We all knew later that wasn’t the case. Unfortunately, not every speaker that speaks is speaking from the right place because it is a business where people think they’ve bastardized what it should stand for. It’s hard for people to ascertain who do I trust and who shouldn’t I trust?

MMM 68 | Your Story

Your Story: Immediate implementation is key.


People are into credit cards, routing numbers and account numbers. They’re not into testimonials, success stories, seeing somebody gets unstuck and move to their next better place. This is a way to show people something different and opportunity. There’s going to be those thrill seekers, those people that come into this competition thinking, “I’ll be able to bluff my way through.” No, you won’t because the truth has a ring to it. If you don’t bring the truth, it’s not going to sound crystal clear to the ears and hearts of the rest of the world.

The Next Impactor is going to be a person who moves through these next few months doing what they should be doing because they are called to do it. Not because it’s for some points or prizes or because there’s a group of coaches watching. That’s what we need to set up to get people there, but that person and those people that come through, there will be no losers. Everyone will be a winner because coming in there, getting to know each other, and recognizing fellow teammates that are about the right thing. Everybody is going to leave that experience feeling as if all these different types of cataracts will have been lasikly removed by something greater than us. If you had cataracts of emotional nature, cataracts of a spiritual nature because you couldn’t see it clearly enough. When you’re around, other people can say, who can say, “No, look over in this direction.” If you turn it towards the light, on this particular angle, “Now I see it.” There will be people who treat you like in the movie with Robin Williams’ Hook when he found the lost boys and he was older, but they took it to face, “There you are, Peter.”

There will be people who show you that you are still in there. They may have just met you, but they see you. They feel you. They get you. There are all these different things because we are promised where two or more of us come together that wonderful things will happen. That’s what The Next Impactor is. What you put in is going to determine what you get out. There’s no magic wand. There’s no coddling. We’re not walking around birth and babies all through the night. We’ll put that out there. We’re watching. If you need $500,000 worth of things to help you because you know a lot of people biggest excuse, “I don’t have time. I don’t have the money.” $25 gets you in this competition. Somebody in August in Chicago will be walking away with $500,000 worth of resources. Like on American Idol, Jennifer Hudson didn’t win. She was not an Idol, but it didn’t stop her from going on and winning an Oscar, a Tony, an Emmy, a People’s Choice. She went on. She will be playing a movie. She’ll be portraying Aretha Franklin because Aretha Franklin said, “If it’s not Jennifer Hudson, I don’t want a movie about my life made.” Jennifer Hudson never won, but she’s still someone who did something from that competition that no one has ever done and most likely will not.

We say there will be Jennifer Hudson’s like there’s going to be Carrie Underwood’s and there’s going to be Kelly Clarkson. Somebody’s got to be first. We want people to come and be encouraged. Help each other and encourage each other and encourage others and know that there is a place and know you’re going to be a pioneer. You’re going to provide a set of shoulders to something. One day you’re going to sit down, you go, “You won’t believe this, but the very first year that they had that show, grandpa here was in it. I was in it. I was.” That’s the kind of thing we want to impact change within ourselves, within each other, and then every place that we can get it too. Go to if you’d like to learn more about it. The cutoff date for entries is March 15th.

Although if you think that this is something that you even might want to participate, your time is now. Instead of waiting for some cutoff or anything like that, simply as soon as you can hop on your phone or on a computer and do it. Take the next steps and launch yourself right into action. Immediate implementation is key. Loren, how else can people reach you if they want to work with you one-on-one or find out more about you?

Hit me up on Facebook. I’m not one to be afraid. I give out my phone number is on everything. They can call me at area code (269) 338-4246 because I love conversations. I don’t like texting and all of that. Give me a call. Let’s talk. Communicating with each other opens the door to the best type of relationship. We kick it. That’s the best way. There’s Facebook. There’s the website, or any social media platform. I’m on all of them so just reach out.

Loren, thank you so much for spending this time with me and sharing your story, sharing your passion. The Power of We and The Next Impactor are going to change the world. I cannot wait to see what happens with them.

Thank you, Dan. It’s the same with you. Thank you so much for all that you do and for always being there and delivering 150%. That’s one thing I can say about you. Thank you so much. Thank you for having me. I appreciate the opportunity.

If you enjoyed this, please let us know. Share this out with people. Leave us reviews on iTunes. Hit me up personally. You know how to reach me and I’d love to hear from you. Take care.

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MMM 68 | Your StoryLoren Michaels Harris, a survivor of the foster care system and an adoptee, strives to share the combined learnings of his time within the foster care system and his life experiences with those seeking insight into how to accomplish the most out of their lives.

Loren specializes in working with middle school through high school youth and correctional systems, but the depth and variety of his topics resonate with a much broader audience. He draws upon his upbringing, which includes 22 mothers in total, and his original music to motivate and inspire others in overcoming their obstacles to success and achieving the life they want.

Loren has spoken across a broad spectrum of industries and organizations as well as multiple media channels. Engagements include schools, speaker associations, & large corporations such as Whirlpool.


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