5 Ways To Master Your Time & 4x Your Productivity!


The Breakthrough Mastery Academy is the first and only online academy of its kind for sales professionals, entrepreneurs and executives. My goal is to help them find the emotional and blindspots holding them back from their greatest successes, and clear them.

In The Academy, You'll Learn How To...

-Develop unshakable confidence and unstoppable courage to transform your life

-Drop emotional baggage from the past so you can create your future

-Master your mind and body so you choose what you want to do, and how you want to feel

-Train your brain to see new strategies, solutions, and resources to change anything you want in your life

-CRUSH your goals and create the business, relationships, and quality of life you deserve

-And much more

What You'll Discover At The Events And Workshops

A few times a year, I hold a life-changing event called “Breakthroughs On Command” to provide an immersive, exclusive, and interactive experience for select people looking to take your life to the next level. During the event, you'll learn how to use the 4 critical components of lasting change, how to change perceptions and beliefs, surprisingly effective communication techniques, and how to create massive change in your life.

"Dan is so good at what he does, he can change your whole perspective of a situation within seconds. His understanding of how the mind works cannot be surpassed by anyone I know or have heard of. His techniques and processes cut through any old beliefs or patterns that are keeping you stuck, allowing you to finally achieve your full potential. It is impossible to convey the experience of working with him through words, you can only experience it. And I highly recommend that you do." - Abi C.

“Dan, I cannot thank you enough for helping me break through my fears and negative beliefs that were holding me back from achieving my highest potentials! You are one of the most genuine human beings I've had the pleasure of knowing. I have no doubt that you will help thousands and millions of others transform their lives for the better. “ - Nick Neckoo

"All of my sessions with Dan brought deep awareness to me about patterns and limiting beliefs that I didn't even know were holding me back. He has a profound ability to help you unlock and get in touch with pars of you that hold keys to your success. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to have a life transformation and experience greater health, wealth, relationships, and inner peace."
-Andrea R.

"With Dan's help, went from average agent to Top Producer and completely transformed my life. I went from being on the verge of breaking up to marrying the love of my life. I doubled my income in the last 18 months, bought my dream home...now I LOVE my life!"
- Dave P.

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