The Abundance Amplifier 






What If You Could Change ANY Limiting Belief, Habit, Or Internal Block Preventing You From Having The Life Of Your Dreams?

This program is for the driven business owner who recognizes that their success in ANY area of life is determined by the quality of their unconscious thoughts, feelings, and perceptions.


When these three elements are aligned with your goals and support the unshakable belief that you WILL have the abundance you desire, it will appear (whether you create it or manifest it). 

But to do this, you must transform yourself at the unconscious level.

This is where the programming that creates your thoughts, beliefs, perceptions, and feelings reside.  This is where you’ll find the emotional wounds, self-judgments, and self-sabotaging patterns that prevent you from becoming your greatest self and achieving your goals.  They’re all in a place deep beneath your conscious awareness that isn’t affected by what you know, what you tell yourself, what your goals are, or how happy you are.

But, with the right techniques, you can heal your emotional wounds, rewire your unconscious programming, unleash the greatness within, and create your dream life.

Full Transparency Here...

The Abundance Amplifier is LOADED with these techniques.  You don’t need to use all of them to create the abundant life you desire.  I went a bit overboard when I designed this program because I wanted to give you a toolkit of Jedi mind tricks to choose from.  Think of it like a college education in cognition, emotion, and behavior transformation mastery.

Here are just a few of the results clients have created using The Abundance Amplifier techniques:

🔥 Bree manifested a $15k day after just one belief-changing process
🔥 Nancy tripled her income and repaired her relationship with her mom after decades of fighting
Tamie doubled her income by week 3 of the program
🔥 Ryan got a promotion to his dream position with a $50k/year raise
🔥 Matt brought his marriage from the brink of divorce to “better than ever”
🔥 Mollie tripled her income and called in a relationship that felt “too good to be true”
Almost every client reported feeling more confident, empowered, self-trusting, self-loving, and happier than ever before (the handful who didn’t also didn’t finish the program, practice the processes, or keep trying if they didn’t get immediate results)






I Can't Wait to Start!

Abundance Amplifier Program Outline

Week 1) The Master Plan

This first session sets you up for the life-changing breakthroughs that will help you become the most effective, efficient, productive, confident, and naturally positive version of yourself so you can CRUSH your goals. You’ll find out about the 3 massive mistakes business owners make when working on their goals that keep them stuck, frustrated, and working way too hard for way too little, and the fundamentals of reliable goal achievement. You'll also discover the 4 Pillars of the Abundance Amplifier Process, the major tenets of Positive Psychology, and the Big 4 - the cornerstones of powerful, lasting change and success in ANY area of life.

Week 2)  Ultimate Alignment

Learn how to achieve your goals by studying the best of the best. Train your brain to think like they do, model the 7 most effective beliefs that helped them succeed, and fast-track your breakthroughs and transformations. Finally, install the achievement of your biggest goal into your unconscious mind so you align your thoughts and behaviors with success with the “Success Installation.”

Week 3)  Comfortably Uncomfortable

Discover the inner workings of your unconscious mind and develop the power to change any situation in your life - no matter how stuck or powerless you may feel at the moment. Learn the 5 step process to create massive breakthroughs on command so you consistently build momentum towards crushing your goals. Then learn how to replace ANY limiting belief with an empowering one in minutes with the “Belief Buster” technique (Your beliefs are self-fulfilling prophecies that will either keep you stuck or empower you to create the life of freedom and abundance you want)  

Week 4) Calming the Chaos

Your emotions can be your greatest strengths or your worst enemies. Negative emotions such as anger, sadness, fear, hurt and guilt sap your energy, ruin your focus, and destroy opportunities for success. Important relationships are built or broken because of the quality of your emotions. And as long as you're holding on to negative emotions from the past, you’ll keep experiencing similar unwanted situations over and over again.  This week, you'll start creating a new, abundant future by releasing stuck emotions from the past–beginning with Anger.  Clear it with the “Anger Eraser”, and take your first major step towards emotional freedom.

Week 5) Secrets of Inner Strength

The next emotion you’ll release creates more powerlessness than almost anything else– sadness.  Week 2 on the path to emotional freedom will give you the tools you need to stay powerful, positive, and resourceful even during the darkest times by using the antidote to sadness–compassion. You’ll discover the 5 strategies for self-forgiveness, how to deepen your self-love, and how to strengthen your connection with others. Finally, you’ll let go of sadness stuck in your system with the “Sadness Eraser.”

Week 6) Motivation On-Demand Part 1

Knowledge isn’t power.  Action is.  Especially your habits.  In fact, the quality of your life is directly determined by the quality of your habits.  This week, discover the 2 reasons people procrastinate, and how to eliminate them so you can take powerful action towards achieving your goals.  Find out why relying on motivation will set you up for failure, and why stress as a form of motivation leads to inconsistent results (feast or famine!).  Instead, learn how to sustainably reach success using inspiration, and enhance yours with the “Grand Vision Meditation,” identity affirmations that actually work, and by discovering your Zone of Genius.

What would you achieve in your life if you could could align your unconscious mind with your goals?

Week 7) Motivation On-Demand Part 2

Part 2 of this series is all about eliminating the #1 biggest abundance-killer, fear. Find out how to tell if hidden fears are preventing you from creating your abundant dream life by using “Fear-Based Focus” diagnostic processes.  Reduce fear within yourself so you can take powerful action towards your goals and make it easy for people to say YES to you and support you with “Love-Based Language.”  Then, yank out the roots of fear responses with “Advanced Belief-Busting,” and release stuck fear with the “Fear Eraser.”

Week 8) Jedi Mind Tricks

Discover the spiritual side of high performance by becoming a master manifestor. Find out how manifestation works, the 3 biggest mistakes people make when trying to manifest abundance, and how to use the “Grand Manifestation Meditation” to enhance your ability to attract what you want into your life.  You’ll learn how to use the techniques you’ve already mastered in the Abundance Amplifier to call in the life of your dreams, and speed up the process with advanced gratitude processes.  Finally, rewire your mind to unconsciously infuse gratitude and manifestation into every day using the “Tetris Effect.”

Week 9) Bulletproof

Emotional freedom means that nothing and nobody can hurt you. Until you reach this point, other people and external events can make you doubt yourself and feel insecure. Week 4 on the path to complete emotional freedom will turn your greatest weaknesses into your greatest strengths with a 5 step process.  You’ll find 5 forgiveness strategies that will release and prevent hurt, and let go of stuck hurt with the “Hurt Eraser.”

Week 10)  No Regrets

We've all made mistakes, done things we're not proud of, and hurt people close to us - but nobody should have to carry that guilt around with them. The past should be a source of wisdom and learning, not pain. In this final week on the path to emotional freedom, free yourself from guilt by deconstructing “Bullshit Rules.”  Find out how to use strategically-crafted questions to empower yourself, find solutions, and eliminate guilt.  Discover a 5 step process to transform guilt into strength and freedom, and release stuck guilt with the “Guilt Eraser.”

Week 11) Breakthroughs for Life

After weeks of releasing negative emotions and busting limiting beliefs, you will have a new level of connection with your unconscious mind, inner strength, and potential. Your beliefs and perceptions should now be aligned with your goals, and you should feel more empowered than ever before. This gives you the unique opportunity to dig even deeper and discover the building blocks of those beliefs and perceptions. It's time to discover the filters your mind uses to create your reality. These filters - what your unconscious mind searches for every second - are the sources of all of your results - the good, the bad, and the ugly. When you have them in the quality and quantity you want, you're happy and successful. When you don't have them, things break down and it can feel awful. This week, you'll learn simple techniques to identify your filters in any area of life, and use the “Success Dashboard” to strategically and systematically improve that area of life until you achieve your goals within it.

Week 12) Futurescaping

Find out what you can do to maintain all the growth you achieved during the previous 11 weeks and continue evolving for years to come. Learn how to “Futurescape” to plan out your life’s direction, and find out what must change in your environment, social circle, and daily habits to achieve any goal you set in your mind. Finally, connect with your highest self with “The Soul Connection.”

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