Hi! I’m Dan


I’m not a life coach, mindset mentor, spiritual guide, business coach, or therapist.

I’m the guy you go to when you’ve tried them already, and are ready for even more.  I'll show you how to unlock your mind, unleash your heart, ignite your magic, and set yourself free.

I've been named LA's #1 Life Coach by Yelp since 2017, a Spiritual Savage by my clients, and "the best kind of weirdo" by my friends.

But I like to think of myself as a passionate healer and relentless student of life.

Let me show you around my world, and the world of Quantum Magnetics.




Becoming someone who effortlessly magnetizes a life of profound purpose, contentment, and love requires deep healing.  Working together begins with identifying the root causes of the behavioral and emotional cycles that have been making life harder than it needs to be.  We uncover your fears, wounds, insecurities, and pain.  Then we release it all from its very foundations.

This usually results in a rapid expansion of consciousness, awareness, and presence.  Your relationships with yourself and others will deepen dramatically as every breath takes on new, more profound meaning.  You will learn new ways to show up in your business, relationships, in the world.  You will shed old, limited identities as a snake sloughs off its skin. 

And through this process you will discover ever-deepening levels of worthiness, courage, belief, capability, strength, and love.

Many healing and manifestation schools focus on receiving external rewards.  Money, lovers, things.  But this focus intensifies the reliance on external rewards to validate internal worthiness.  So all is well while you continue to receive what you manifest.  This leads to grinding of a totally different nature–of vision boards, lists, visualizations, and all sorts of exercises.  In this approach, healing is a means to an end.  If it could be avoided, it would be.  I believe this is backwards, and dangerous.

I believe true empowerment may be found by putting the focus on the reason we exist at all - to love existence!  The focus is on healing, letting go, unlocking new levels of courage and strength.  It’s on releasing needs, fears, protective patterns, and incongruences.  And with this focus we come into communion with self and the Universe such that every moment feels like a blessing (even during struggle and tragedy!). 

As much as I talk about heavy subjects such as facing pain and releasing fear, I insist on having fun as we do it.  Laughter is real medicine.  When you roll into one of those deep belly laughs, you fully release.  It’s impossible to hold on to masks or fears – hell it’s impossible to think– when you truly laugh (kinda like an orgasm.  If you can think during yours, you ain’t doing it right).

Fun isn’t just something that feels good, it’s a spiritual and psychological strategy to facilitate deep healing and profound transformation.  Joking about something can help you own it, gain power over it, and release it.  And there’s nothing more fun than feeling more empowered ever while cracking dick jokes.

The further you venture on this path,

the more life sends you blessings of connection, wealth, love, fun, opportunity, and wisdom.  Eventually, magnetizing your dream life to you becomes effortless –

All as a reward for doing the most important work there is – evolving, loving life, and helping others love it, too.

Abi L.

Dan is PHENOMENAL! He is so good at what he does, he can change your whole perspective of a situation within seconds. His understanding of how the mind works cannot be surpassed by anyone I know or have heard of. His techniques and processes cut through any old beliefs or patterns that are keeping you stuck, allowing you to finally achieve your full potential.

As a healer myself, it's very challenging for me to find someone who knows more than me or who is as intuitive as me and so I was beyond elated to find Dan. It is impossible to convey the experience of working with him through words, you can only experience it. And I highly recommend that you do.

Barry B.

I've been to several psychologists, therapists and coaches over the decades. Some have been pretty good, but Dan is absolutely, by far, the best I've ever had.  Not only does he have astonishing wisdom, but he's skilled and artful in the way that he works with me and has brought me not only amazing insights, but also helped me make MAJOR breakthroughs in my behaviors and my internal emotional state.

My personal and business growth has dramatically improved in measurable ways since working with Dan.  On top of all that, he's a wonderful, kind and sensitive person who truly cares about his clients.  I don't do this often, but I'm very happy to give Dan my HIGHEST recommendation.

Meet Dan

I’m not everyone’s cup of tea (mine has mushrooms in it).

I curse, crack jokes just as much as I get deep, am getting covered in tattoos, and do the most powerful medicinal drugs on the planet during my vacations.  I’m a nerd, dork, comedian, party animal, frat bro, and a spiritual seeker.

Here’s a quick look at how I got to this place – CEO and Founder of a multi-6 figure coaching business and creator of Quantum Magnetics.

I learned the skills I’ve used over the last 13 years to help people transform their lives because I needed to save mine.

I suffered from suicidal depression ever since I was born.  It didn’t help that I was born in Jerusalem, Israel, but raised in NJ.  Other kids picked on and bullied me for my weird accent, clothes, and food.  One of my most vivid memories from childhood was telling my mom that all I wanted was to fit in and be liked, and to do that I would never speak Hebrew again. 

I was 3 years old,

and had already learned how to hate and reject myself. 

I shut down my positive emotions (because that’s when you’re most yourself) because it wasn’t safe to be me.  I stifled my empathic abilities, and sent myself on a journey of unmitigated pain and misery.

School broke me.

I was bullied all the way through college, ate lunch by myself for an entire year in high school, and had 2 friends during the best times.  I learned to hate everybody, especially myself.  Which was easy, because I was covered in acne, had braces, and looked emaciated from growing a foot in a month when I was 14.

Doctors told me I’d never be athletic because my joints couldn’t handle it.  And being underweight as a man can be as psychologically damaging as being overweight as a woman.

In college, I regularly drank myself into oblivion to forget everything. I didn’t know that I was also searching for extreme experiences because I couldn’t feel anything positive.

Tons of drugs and alcohol lowered the walls I put up, and allowed me to empathically feel some of the happiness others felt around me.

But I was poisoning myself,

and became increasingly suicidal.

I couldn’t understand how it was so easy for other people to have fun, friends, girlfriends, and enjoy their lives when it felt impossible for me.  After a few nights seriously considering ending it all, though, I decided I would find a way to turn things around for myself.

I HAD to find a way.

That sent me on a 13 year journey around the world,

studying personal transformation methods from doctors, scientists, coaches and gurus.  I got a BA in Cognitive Science from Carnegie Mellon University, followed by 3 certifications in Neuro Linguistic Programming, 3 in Vedic Sciences, and one each in Time Line Therapy, Past Life Regression, and Nutrition. 

I spent months meditating in Thailand and living in ashrams in India.  In just those 13 years, I read approximately 700 books about human psychology, neuroscience, behavior, and potential.  I even spent 1.5 years in a Hindu spiritual cult, learning the mysteries of the universe and awakening my kundalini.

What I discovered changed my life. 

It turns out that my brain wasn’t broken, I wasn’t defective, and the world didn’t hate me.  The first level was realizing I could rewire the perceptions that made me feel that way.  And everything began changing.

First, I rewired it to gain weight, and at one point got up to running sub-5 minute miles and deadlifting 400 lbs. Then, I rewired it for my social life, and soon found my tribe and had a happy dating life. At 31 I did what many people still tell me is impossible – I permanently erased my anxiety and depression on my own.  Then I used those same techniques to create a 6-figure business in 6 months, scale it up to multiple 6 figures within 2 years, and become Yelp’s #1 life coach in LA while taking frequent 3-4 day weekends and traveling internationally for months at a time.

I’ve continued to heal since then, and now know my struggles were blessings.

The pain pushed me to do the hard internal work to become who I am today.  Crawling out of darkness helped me lead over 1000 others to their light.  Almost dying again and again taught me how to literally save other people’s lives when doctors had no idea what to do. 

My relentless search for truth has brought me face to face with my deepest, darkest fears and taught me how to help others shatter the illusions that disempower them.

Whereas I used to think life had to be a challenging grind and fight, now I know how sweet life can really be.  It continuously sends me blessings of unreasonable wealth, dream clients, soul-tribe friends, goddess partners, angels-on-earth mentors, life-altering adventures, and laughs all along the way.

And the more I show up to learn the lessons of life and surrender to the grandeur of the Universe, the better my life becomes.

That’s what happens when you become Magnetic AF.

It’s like a cheat-code to the Matrix.  You can transcend the life of grinding, spinning plates, spreading yourself thin, and hustling to have a life that looks great on paper but feels empty or dissatisfying.  You can find happiness, contentment, joy, love, health, fun, and wealth beyond reason. I’ve helped hundreds of 6-9 figure entrepreneurs do it already.  It’s not easy, but it works.

And if you’re bold enough to go on this journey with me,

it’ll work for you, too.


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John L.

Life-changing isn't a word that I throw around casually, but Dan's methods are actually life-changing. I've had the pleasure of taking multiple sessions with him and have seen a huge positive change in all aspects of my life. I've tried other life coaches/mentors so I know that he is f'n brilliant, and more importantly, someone who is genuinely invested in your growth and happiness as a person.

Do yourself a huge favor and call him.

Christy L.

Dan changed my life in so many positive ways! Not only is Dan super easy to relate to, but he also is full of powerful wisdom that he WANTS to share with you.  From the first conversation I had with Dan, I felt inspired to do more, be more, and to dive deeper into my limiting (and completely false) self-beliefs. We are the only thing standing in our way on our path to Greatness. Dan goes above and beyond to help you see that - He is truly a mentor who continues to inspire me long after the program I took with him had ended. Forever thankful that he came into my life!

Are you...

Sick of feeling dissatisfied with your life no matter how much you achieve, how much money you make, or how many things you have in your world that “should” make you happy?


☞ Exhausted from putting your business and other people’s desires and needs ahead of your own health and happiness?


☞ Frustrated from feeling like you’ve got greatness within you – that you’re here for a much larger purpose – but can’t bring it out into the world (maybe you don’t even know what it is yet!)


☞ Tired of doing all the “right” things to get you the love, prosperity, peace, happiness, and fulfillment you seek, but feeling like they’re still out of reach?


☞ Tired of watching people with less skill and experience work less and get more, have more free time to have fun, and continue to get even more out of life – while you have to put in 120% of your energy just to get a little progress?

☞ Fed up with feeling stuck – at the same income no matter how hard you work, in relationship patterns that keep making you feel unworthy or unloved, in a business that took over your life instead of setting you free, or in negative emotions you just can’t seem to break free from?

Feeling like you’re ready for a massive shift in your life?

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