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What Would Your Life, Business, And Relationships Look Like If You Were The Most Confident, Intuitive, Magnetic, And Powerful Version Of Yourself?

The quality of your life, business, and relationships depend on one thing above all others - the quality of your relationship with yourself.



Let's face it - you're not like other entrepreneurs.  You're more intuitive,  more sensitive to emotions and energies, and think more spiritually than others.  You probably never felt "normal" growing up.  And because you related to the world around you differently, connections with others worked differently for you as well.  Trying to be like the other kids...trying to sound like them and act like them...didn't work for you.  You had to find your own way to be.

You may have noticed a similar thing happening in your business and personal life now.  No matter how hard you try, following the same strategies, rules, and tactics that attract wealth, happiness, and love for other people don’t work the same for you.  That's because...

Results in your personal life and business are NOT determined by what you're doing.  They're determined  by who you're being when you do it.

People respond to your energy much more than your words or actions.  You can do and say all the "right things" and STILL get NONE of the abundance, love, or happiness you desire.  Your audience won’t buy from you.  You won’t feel seen, heard, felt, or valued in your relationships.  It'll feel like your personal power, confidence, and intuition are blocked.  In their place you may find stress, anxiety, self-doubt, or even depression.  And that’s due to one critical law of life:

The ways life, wealth, and other people respond to you reflect your unconscious beliefs about who you are, what you deserve, and what's possible in your life.
Change them, and everything will change with them.

Imagine What Your Life Would Look Like If You...

👉 Replaced insecurities with unshakable confidence?  If you truly believed that you CAN and WILL have the life, business, and relationships you desire because you're capable and WORTHY of having them?

👉 Replaced living by other people's rules and seeking their validation with intuitively guiding and validating yourself?   If you discovered what works for YOU in business and relationships so you get the abundance, love, joy, and flow you want without draining yourself, people-pleasing, or stressing yourself out trying to be something you're not?

👉 Confidently and skillfully communicated your thoughts, feelings, and desires in your business and relationships?  If you felt empowered to ask for what will make you happy from friends, family, and partners in a way that makes it exciting for them to say YES to you?  If you charged what would truly light you up and get clients excited to pay you?

👉 Replaced self-sabotaging thoughts and habits with ones that help you thrive?  If you put an end to fighting yourself, pushing yourself too hard, being overly critical of yourself, and relying on coping mechanisms?  If, instead, you could direct 100% of your energy and thought towards making choices that bring you closer to the life of your dreams every day?

Introducing The AlcheME Method

Get the power to make your impossible dream life possible

AlcheME WORKS, But Don't Take My Word For It...


"I accomplished with Dan in a few months what I could not accomplish with years of help from other professional counselors...  There is no better feeling than seeing ads for therapists and coaches on my Facebook & Twitter feed now and thinking 'don't need that anymore!' and scrolling them away" - Neora L

I'm Dan, Your Guide 
To Life-Altering Healing & Transformation

and there are a few good reasons
Yelp named me LA's #1 Life Coach since 2017 

I learned how to create rapid, lasting, "impossible" transformations in people's lives because I had to in mine.

I got a degree in Cognitive Science from Carnegie Mellon University, 9 certifications in transformational methods, spent 1.5 years in a Hindu cult, studied with coaches, scientists, gurus, and shamans around the world, did Ayahuasca in the Peruvian Amazon, purged with Kambo, left my body with Bufo, and read well over 1000 books on psychology, spirituality, transformation-- all so I could heal myself and be of service to others.  As a result of that I...

🔥Healed the suicidal depression I was born with, despite doctors and psychologists telling me I could only mitigate it with pills but would never cure it.
🔥 Unfvcked myself and found true happiness after years of trauma including: A near-death emergency C-section birth, moving to different countries 5 times before I was 3, and getting bullied for 21 years.
🔥 Went from being bullied for 21 years to having the most inspiring, loving, talented, and supportive people I've ever met as my friends, partners, and mentors

Welcome To My World, Where  Miracles Are Expected...

👊 Stephanie went from selling $0 in a year to $3.5MM in 4 months
🤩 Abi called in her soulmate partner while shattering her 20k/month income ceiling with a 70k month followed by a best-ever 132k month! 
🤯 Marissa took her marriage from "rocky" to "better than ever,"  healed lifelong body-image issues, AND dropped her work hours to 2-4 per day while doubling her income 

🔥Julia increased her followers from 20k to 140k in 3 weeks, and had so many applications to work with them she literally couldn't handle it
👏 Frank increased his annual income by $333,333 
(gotta love the angel numbers in that!)

Jared cut his work time from 8-10 hrs to 1.5-2 a day (saving up to 42.5 hrs every week!)
while steadily increasing his monthly income
Nate built more professional relationships in 3 months than he did in the previous 7 years, and got to work with a few of his idols 
🥳 Nathan called-in then married his perfect-match partner with ALL of the qualities he listed while becoming the youngest CEO in his company's history AND losing 25 lbs

Gustave C.

To say Dan Mendilow changed my life would be a significant understatement. I can't possibly express the amount of healing I underwent with Dan as my guide.

There are many, and I mean many, so-called gurus and life coaches out there. However, Dan is the real deal. Not only is he kind, understanding, compassionate, and empathic, but he is also knowledgeable in various areas, from mental health to NLP to spiritual healing.

When I first met Dan, I was about as insecure as they come in all areas of my life, from career to relationships. Since working with Dan, I have gained confidence and assurance while confronting and healing deep-seated trauma from my past.

If you're tired of feeling stuck in life, I encourage you to run, don't walk, to see Dan. He is worth every single penny. It's an investment with a guaranteed ROI of a better life.

Chris B.

Just finished working with Dan and feel better than I've ever felt. My financial and relationship worries have drastically diminished. My business is going very well and during our work together I met a woman I am crazy about who I would be ecstatic to spend the rest of my life with. I feel the most capable and excited about life I've ever felt. Can't recommend working with Dan enough. Been literally looking for decades for someone this capable of helping me.

Ready To Get Your "OMFG YES!" Business, Relationship, and Quality of Life?

YES! I Want My "Call To Greatness" Consultation!

Every AlcheME Program Is Unique

Yours Will Be Created Just For You, According To Your Goals And Needs. We Might...

1. Replace Limiting Beliefs, Insecurities, And Fears With Empowering Ones


Beliefs--including fears, insecurities, and scarcity mentalities--are self-fulfilling prophecies.  The more limiting beliefs you have, the more difficult and unrewarding life feels.  But changing them yourself is hard AF because the beliefs that influence your life the most reside in your unconscious mind.  That's why most books, workshops, motivational content, and even most therapists don't give you the life-changing results you desire.  They don't reach your unconscious!  It doesn't matter how many marketing, sales, communication, or relationship tactics you, business, and relationships will feel like frustrating uphill battles until your unconscious beliefs support achievement of your goals.

The good news is--unconscious limiting beliefs CAN be replaced with empowering ones!  You can change your self-fulfilling prophecies to naturally guide you to the life of your dreams without having to rely on memory, will power, or constantly refilling yourself with temporary motivation and positivity.

2. Heal Emotional Wounds And Traumas

Permanently changing the way you think, feel, and show up in life requires deep healing of root-cause issues.  These are often emotional wounds and traumas.  These painful experiences led you to create beliefs, habits, and triggers that may have protected you in the past, but they sabotage you today.  They create procrastination, depression, anxiety, overwhelm, and inability to get desired results from marketing, relationship, sales, and self-love strategies.

Healing emotional wounds and traumas sets you free from the need to unconsciously protect yourself.  It frees up enormous amounts of energy that can then be directed away from surviving, past just being comfortable, and towards truly thriving.  You may find yourself succeeding with business strategies that "never worked" in the past, mending rocky relationships, loving and trusting yourself more than ever before, or attracting more wealth and opportunity than ever before.

3. Process & Release Trapped Negative Emotions

Emotions create thoughts, and the more negative emotions in your body, the more negative thoughts they create. The trouble is negative emotions can get stuck in your system.  The natural human reaction to intense negative emotions is to resist them, trapping them in your body!  Trapped negative emotions are factories for insecurities, triggers, fears, and limiting beliefs.  That way, they unconsciously push you into emotional cycles that feel like "the same shit happening over and over again" no matter what you do.

Processing and releasing those emotions frees you from emotional cycles, shuts down the factories, and allows you to move forward in your life.  You may feel like massive weights are lifted from off your shoulders.  Or finally feel free to make changes you've desired in your business or relationships.  Or feel stress, anxiety, frustration, depression, and powerlessness melt away like bad dreams!


AlcheME is different because it's not about getting just one thing like money, success, or love.

It helps you become the highest, most powerful, most capable version of yourself so you can have it ALL. 


4. Integrate & Love Your Shadow

True personal power comes from erasing labels, releasing expectations, and integrating ALL parts of yourself.  Your Shadow includes all the things you don't want to be, feel ashamed of, or judge as bad or wrong.  The thing is, the Shadow is a part of you.  You can't ignore, hide, reject, destroy, or heal it.  Fighting your Shadow is literally fighting yourself!  The more you try, the more you'll feel ashamed, rejected, stressed or anxious, depressed, or numb.  The more energy you expend trying to get rid of your Shadow, the less there is available to feel things like self-love, creativity, joy, inspiration, and connection with others.

The thing nobody told you is--your Shadow only feels "bad" because you haven't yet discovered how it's been trying to help you.  It's there for a reason, and not just to make you miserable.  It's there to teach and support you.  But you have to learn how to listen to it, be with it, and work with it without fighting or judging it.  Being with your Shadow can feel like listening to a song that makes you sad, but feels good at the same time.  That's when you stop fighting yourself, feel truly whole, and gain access to ALL the reality-creating energy produced by your mind and body.  That's how you get the power to change your life and create the reality of your dreams.

5. Heal And Build Supportive, Loving, & Deep Relationships

Relationships can bring you the best and worst feelings in life.  When they're healthy and supportive they can fill your days with love, joy, laughter, worthiness, and all kinds of fun.  Challenging relationships can trigger all your deepest insecurities, people-pleasing patterns, self-sabotaging habits, and make you feel trapped.  Feeling unable to attract or build the relationships you want can trigger feelings of loneliness, powerlessness, and unworthiness!

Getting the relationships you want requires healing & belief changing so YOU show up in your relationships instead of your triggers, insecurities or wounds.  Also, remember that beliefs are self-fulfilling prophecies!  Until your beliefs align with the relationships and treatment you desire, you won't get them no matter what strategies or tactics you try.  Building and maintaining the relationships you want also requires conflict resolution strategies, communication & vulnerability techniques, and healthy boundaries.  The better you get with these, the more happiness, love, support, joy, and depth you'll experience in your relationships.

6. Supercharge Manifestation, Magnetization, & Intuitive Guidance

If you're not using these three super powers to get the life of your dreams, you're working waaaay too hard.  If these terms are new, manifestation is calling in your desires.  Magnetization is drawing in what's in your highest good.  Intuitive Guidance is the ability to know what decisions will lead you to the most beneficial outcomes, whether they "make sense" or not.  As woo as they may sound, there is a growing body of research from numerous esteemed Universities and scientists around the world confirming that they are both real and effective at creative tangible, measurable results.  And they're FUN :)

Previous clients have used these tools to call in soulmate partners, hundreds of thousands of dollars, free luxury vacations, opportunities to work with their idols, celebrity clients, and entire networks of soul tribe friends.  Imagine what you could call in to your life!

Justin S.

I went to Dan because I was drowning. I was living my dream but was completely overwhelmed and had no model for how to emotionally navigate my own ambitions! His sessions were concise, to the point and frankly mind blowing.

In just a few months Dan equipped me with some of the most powerful tools I've ever encountered and helped do a total 360 on how I was approaching my life and work. Something I didn't get from therapy or my obsession with self help books. I feel above ground now, as well as ready and capable to build my life the way I see fit.

The changes he helped inspire in me were phenomenal. Plain and simple, Dan is a special guy with an amazing gift.

(Justin went on to produce another 2 seasons of "Dear White People," and direct a Star Wars project)

Shay S.

Sessions with Dan are LIFE CHANGING! I felt like there were a lot of things holding me back in my life, and I needed help to overcome them. But I had no idea how to start. Dan was just the right person! He has such a sense of self that in no time he was able to figure out my obstacles, the things holding me back, and how to tackle those things so I could live my best life.

His sessions, and strategies have improved ALL aspects of my life. All the things that were holding me back before are now gone. I'm so focused on my present and future that it blows my mind. There's a reason why people rave about Dan. He's the real deal, and he can help you change any and all parts of your life. He helped me with mine and the results have been priceless. I just wish I had found him sooner!!

A Warning (With Love)


Working with me incorporates mind-rewiring techniques -

that WILL change your life.  The AlcheME Method is the product of years of research and testing to figure out how to create such rapid, lasting healing and transformation. 

☞ It usually results in rapid alignment, transformation, empowerment, and life acceleration you could not possibly imagine.  

☞ It is not a "magic pill."  It requires work on your part, is not always easy, and requires you to get vulnerable and real with yourself.  

But if you're bold enough to leave your comfort zone and commit to getting the life you desire, it’s very likely that your business, relationships, thought-patterns, emotion-patterns, physical health, your identity–your entire life–will change.

☞ It is not for everyone.  And that's ok.


Everyone has their own speed and I will honor yours, no matter what it is.

I will never push you to move faster than you're ready.
If you feel like you might be , that's good enough.
The real question is--do you want more of the same in your life, or are you ready for a change?

Let's Get To Work


The first step is a consultation to find the root causes of your challenges.  Then, we'll talk about what I believe should be done so you can heal or rewire them.  Lastly, if we're a good fit to do that work together, I'll recommend the options that will help you address those roots causes and achieve your goals as quickly and effectively as possible.

Here are my current offerings:


1. Emotional Healing Programs

Feel Better NOW = 888
Rewrite Your Childhood = 888
Personalized Rewrite Your Childhood = 1,111
1 month Voxer support = 1,111


2. The Abundance Amplifier

My all-time best-selling program
Self-Guided Program Access = 1.5k
VIP Access (Value: 7,833) = 3.5k
Includes 1:1 Support Sessions + 3 Month Voxer Access 



4. Alchemy 1:1 Journeys

2 Month Power Sessions Intensive (Value: 6,805) = 4k
Includes: 2 extra-long sessions + 1 follow up call + 2 months Voxer

3 Month VIP Journey (Value: 10,109) = 5k
Includes: 6 sessions + 3 months Voxer + SOS calls + BONUS Personalized Rewrite Your Childhood + BONUS Feel Better NOW

6 Month Mastery Journey (Value: 19,942) = 10k
Includes: VIP Journey + 6 additional sessions + BONUS Abundance Amplifier Access

*3 & 6 month payment plans offered (depending on the offering)

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If now is not the time for such an investment or such speed of transformation and catalyzation, I get it.  There's no pressure here.  Only love and honoring.

Come back later.

But if something in you is telling you to take the leap...

If you're feeling a pull to discover what you’re truly capable of, even if you don't understand it...

 If you get excited about taking the most transformative journey of your life even if you aren't sure you're ready...

I invite you to Apply for a Call To Greatness Consultation,

and find out.