How To Build Unshakable Confidence, Self Worth, & Self Love FAST confidence emotions limiting beliefs negative emotions neuroscience self-love unconscious mind worthiness Jun 06, 2022

Want to 3x your confidence, self-worth, and self-love in just 1 hour?

Yes, it can be done, and it does work.  And if you watch this video, it'll work for you too!

This is a live training, so you'll get to walk through a few mind-rewiring, heart-opening, energy up-leveling processes and...

Breakthrough Show - What Deep Healing and Transformation REALLY Look Like healing limiting beliefs negative emotions self-love transformation worthiness Jun 06, 2022

This was one of the most fun interviews I’ve done in a looooong time.  We discussed:

– Why titles and “I help” statements can actually hurt your business, and how to take the training wheels off
– Spiritual bypassing & escapism: what it is, how people use it...

Dan Mendilow - AlcheME Method
Magic, Manifestation, & Managing Your Emotions
Magic, Manifestation, & Managing Your Emotions emotions healing limiting beliefs manifestation stress release Jun 05, 2022

In this Pursuit of Bliss episode I talk with Kristin  chat all things magic, manifestations & emotions. We cover…

Is magic real?
My experiences with mind reading & experiences in a spiritual cult
What its like to see and feel energy
Can you manifest anything?

How to Heal Depression and Radically Shift Your Reality depression healing limiting beliefs negative emotions stress release trauma Jun 05, 2022
This interview was rapid-fire knowledge bombs!
We discussed how to:
- Tell if you do or don't have depression
- Heal depression if you do have it
- Diagnose epigenetically inherited insecurities, judgments, and limitations
-Connect with your limitless self
Lifestyle Hackers - How to Change Your Beliefs limiting beliefs negative emotions stress release trauma unconscious mind May 06, 2022

Watch this live-recorded video to see how my clients tap into the potential of their unconscious minds, release stress, let go of the fear of failure, other negative emotions and rewrite their beliefs - in real time.