How To Bounce Back When Sh*t Hits The Fan

It's one thing to magnetize desires when things are already going well.  But what do you do when sh*t hits the fan?  This episode is a deep dive into how to not only bounce back, but use the experience to propel yourself into higher heights than you've ever experienced before.  It's a crash course in balancing your energy and re-activating your magnetism so you can get back on top as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Tune in to hear:

  • Why trying to go back to "normal" or "how things were" is a recipe for disaster
  • How to use the Universal Model of Learning to catch yourself from hitting rock bottom
  • What the Slingshot effect is, and why it should give you hope in hard times
  • The most important tools you’ll need to go from “freaking out” to “on top of the world”
  • What the "Alchemist's Mindset" is and why it's critical you adopt it
  • What NOT to do when sh*t hits the fan
  • Practical strategies to balance your nervous system, raise your energy, and magnetize solutions


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