What Healing *Really* Looks Like P1

Coaches and healers use the word "heal" a LOT.  In my opinion, it's the #1 most important thing anyone needs to do to be happy and successful in any area of life (yes, it's right under eating and breathing in importance).  But, for all the times it's used, it's very rarely defined.  If you've ever wondered about what it is, or if you need it, this episode is for you.

Tune in to hear:

  • What life looks like when you heal vs when you don’t

  •  Dispelling Illusions

  •  How Disempowering Beliefs create your reality

  •  How your brain creates and reinforces your reality

  •  What self-sabotage *actually* is

  •  The critical error in “we fall so we can get back up”

  •  Why time doesn’t heal all, and often makes things much worse

  •  How to know if you’ve actually let something go

  •  Why “Just be yourself” is BS


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