From Suffering to Self-Love & Real Power

There is a *massive* misconception about self-love and power in the healing industry that leads so many gifted individuals to getting stuck in their lives.  It's an insidious form of self-sabotage that nobody seems to be talking about, and yet may be THE #1 thing preventing you from having the business and relationships you want.  But in order to clearly see and eliminate it, we're going to have to flip many of our cultural patterns, perceptions, and habits upside down.

Trigger Warning:  If you don't like getting real with yourself, or feel like you should never be called out on your sh*t, skip this episode.  However, if you realize that taking a good hard look in the mirror is the *only* way to become the kind of truly powerful person who creates the life they want -- you're going to LOVE this one.  


Tune in to hear:

  • Why it’s GOOD to allow yourself to feel triggered
  • Where suffering really comes from
  • Why resisting your shadow creates pain
  • Why you'll NEVER heal, eliminate, or exorcise your shadow
  • What you can learn from and gain from your shadow
  • The deepest form of self-sabotage
  • How Toxic Positivity could be preventing you from reaching your goals in life
  • What true power is and where it comes from
  • Healing as a form of avoidance and self-war
  • What *real* self-love is and how it can be profoundly healing
  • Why you sometimes feel there’s an invisible force holding you back from your true potential


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