From MD to Priestess Healer & The Search For Truth, with Amron Bevels

After 25 solo episodes, it's time to invite guests to the party!  Amron Bevels is an MD who left allopathic medicine to become a truly life-changing healer.  Now, instead of prescribing meds, she uses her knowledge of both Western and Eastern healing methods to create rapid energetic, physical, and emotional shifts within her clients.  And we get into ALL kinds of fun topics in this conversation.

Tune in to hear:

  • Differences between feminine and masculine approaches to healing and communication
  • What Bufo was like for both of us
  • Lessons from our experiences with Ayahuasca
  • Why Amron left her career as a doctor to become a healer
  • Major problems with allopathic medicine
  • How toxic positivity prevents people from healing
  • Connecting with Purpose in life and business
  • Finding the love and light we want in our lives by connecting with our darker sides
  • How Society sets us up to feel inadequate, broken, and stuck (and what to do about that)
  • Archetypes Amron uses to help her clients make major shifts in their lives
  • My 3 major archetypes and how they show up in my life
  • Seeing through the Matrix and seeing Truth
  • The transformative power of Ceremony and Shamanic medicine


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Podcast: Root2Crown


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