Is Over-Femininity Hurting Your Business? With Ava Johanna

Ava Johanna is the CEO of a 7-figure online brand and a leader in the business development industry.  She's also a genuinely awesome human with incredible insights into what blocks people from growing their businesses and what to do about it.  In this episode, we took a hard look at a current fad in the business coaching world that we both believe is a big mistake.  Find out what it is, whether it's affecting you and your business, and how to go from stuck to thriving with a few simple changes.

Tune in to hear:

  • What "toxic feminine" energy in business is, and how to tell if you've bought into it
  • Why over-reliance on feminine energy can prevent you from growing your business

  •  How coaches create problems for their clients by trying to avoid parts of themselves

  •  The critical roles masculine energy plays in business and life

  •  How you might be focusing on feminine flow as a procrastination technique

  •  How to up-level your perception of yourself in business and relationships by accepting yourself as a whole human being


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